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    digital marketing course Modules

    ■ What is the marketing process?
    ■ How Exactly Do We Market?
    ■ Definition of Digital Marketing
    ■ Platforms and Techniques for Digital Marketing
    ■ Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing
    ■ The Difference Between Inbound and Outbound Marketing
    ■ Setting Marketing Objectives
    ■ Recent Developments in Digital Advertising: Digital Campaign Case Studies

    ■ Overview of Marketing Funnels
    ■ First Stage: Awareness
    ■ Interest in Stage 2 and Desire in Stage 3
    ■ Stage 4: Advanced Funnel Techniques for Action
    ■ Case Studies and Real-World Implementations
    ■ Upcoming Developments and Trends
    ■ Completed Work and Accreditation

    ■ Your Digital Identity as a Domain Name
    ■ Hosting: The Location of Your Website
    ■ Website Efficiency: Quickness and Efficiency
    ■ Upkeep and modifications

    ■ Social media statistics,
    ■ SMM vs. SMO,
    ■ Why Use Social Media Marketing,
    ■ Social Media Strategy Dimensions in Posts Audit or SMO Analysis Reports

    ■ An Overview of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing
    ■ AI-Assisted Client Segmentation
    ■ Natural Language Processing (NLP) in Content Marketing Predictive Analytics
    ■ Virtual assistants and chatbots
    ■ AI Personalization, AI in Advertising, Ethical Issues, and Upcoming Trends

    ■ How to Create a Custom Design with Canva Simple Techniques to Make Your Designs Look Better
    : ■ How to Ascertain the Size of Your Work
    ■ How to Give Your Work a Background
    ■ How to Add Text, Images, and More
    ■ How to Take Pictures That Appear Well on Social Media

    ■ An Overview of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing
    ■ Digital Marketing with AI Applications
    ■ Customized Content Suggestions
    ■ Analytical Prediction for Consumer Behavior
    ■ Chatbots for Customer Support
    ■ Optimizing Dynamic Pricing
    ■ Automated Optimization and Targeting of Ads
    ■ Difficulties and Ethical Issues
    ■ Prospects & Trends for the Future

    ■ Facebook Business Page Setup Types of Business Pages
    ■ Facebook Marketing Strategy
    ■ Facebook Account Properties and Competition Analysis
    ■ Producing Pictures for Covers Boost the Page Management Likes
    ■ Facebook Business Manager
    ■ Facebook Group
    ■ Facebook Meta Business Suite
    ■ Post Categories and Data Metrics for Post Dimension
    ■ Creative Posts Strategy
    ■ User Engagement Marketplace

    ■ An Introduction to Instagram Advertising Types of Promotions
    ■ Different Audience Targeting Strategies
    ■ Ad Format
    ■ Ad Dimensions and Regulations

    ■ Comprehending Meta-Marketing
    ■ Effective Meta-Marketing Strategies: An Examination of Their Psychology
    ■ Putting Meta Marketing Into Practice Across Platforms
    ■ Assessing and Examining the Effectiveness of Metamarketing Ethical Issues in Metamarketing Prospective Developments in Metamarketing

    ■ Overview of the Integration of Meta and Artificial Intelligence: Foundations of Knowledge
    ■ Applications of AI in Meta Platforms
    ■ In Meta Computer Vision
    ■ Natural Language Processing (NLP) in Meta Platforms
    ■ AI Ethics and Privacy in Meta-Future Trends and Innovations: Advanced AI Techniques
    ■ Case Studies and Real-World Instances

    ■ Enhancing Your LinkedIn Profile
    ■ Producing Captivating Content and Fostering Thought Leadership
    ■ Expanding Your Reach and Including Your Audience
    ■ Making Use of LinkedIn Features
    ■ Assessing Achievement and Adapting Techniques

    ■ Overview of the ads on LinkedIn.
    ■ Campaign Types and Linkedin Filters
    ■ An Overview
    ■ Ad formats
    ■ ad dimensionsand restrictions
    ■ bid techniques
    ■ audience targeting;
    ■ advanced audience targeting

    ■ Twitter's advantages for businesses,
    ■ how brands use it, how to create and manage a profile,
    ■ how to customize a profile, the kind of tweets that are sent, and statistics
    ■ Twitter Content Strategy
    ■ Send Your First Message
    ■ Brand Analysis of Major Companies
    ■ Twitter Competitions
    ■ What Does a Hashtag Mean?
    ■ Utilizing #Hashtags.
    ■ Twitter Marketing Tools
    . ■ Twitter Analytics

    ■ A Brief Overview of Twitter Advertisements.
    ■ Formats for Advertising
    ■ Dimensions and Regulations for Advertising
    ■ Bidding Strategies
    ■ Promotion Types
    ■ Audience Targeting
    ■ Advanced Audience Targeting

    ■ A Synopsis of Quora in Brief
    ■ Building a Quora Profile
    ■ Exploring Quora for Relevant Content
    ■ Building Links Using Quora Answers How to Arrange Your Answers on Quora
    ■ Types of Quora Campaigns
    ■ Account Creation for Quora Ads
    ■ Analytics
    ■ Groups for Quora Ads
    ■ Ad Copies
    ■ Reporting and Analysis

    ■ Overview of Quora Advertising
    ■ Creating an Account on Quora Ads
    ■ Identifying Your Audience and Writing Eye-Catching Ad Copy Captivating Advertising Images
    ■ Enhancing Your Advertising
    ■ Advanced Strategies for Quora Advertising
    ■ Evaluation of ROI and Success
    ■ Case studies and success stories related to troubleshooting and troubleshooting

    ■ AdSense Property Verification: The Basics for Google Adsense Adsense types of adverts
    ■ Increasing your Adsense revenue Helpful tips for properly placing text, image, and video ads on your website
    ■ Google Adsense Policy Overview Adsense account support requests
    ■ Ad Control System

    ■ The Principal Concept Performance Marketing Structure: Choosing the Right Channels
    ■ Identifying and Evaluating Target Markets
    ■ Making Use of Rivals
    ■ PM Metrics to Master
    ■ Performance Marketing in B2B
    ■ Performance Marketing for B2C
    ■ The Importance of Performance Marketing How Is Performance to Be Calculated?
    ■ KPI for Assessing Performance?
    ■ Types of Performance Marketing Stages of Performance Marketing How Could Performance Be Made Better?

    ■ Exploring Website Content Essentials
    ■ Defining Audience and Objectives
    ■ Crafting a Content Strategy
    ■ Diverse Content Types and Structures
    ■ Optimizing Content for Search Engines
    ■ Enhancing Engagement with Visual Elements
    ■ Utilizing Content Management Systems
    ■ Effective Content Deployment and Updates
    ■ Performance Evaluation and Analytics
    ■ Continuous Refinement of Content Strategy

    ■ What Does Web Design mean?
    ■ Deciphering HTML
    ■ Understanding the .NET Framework
    ■ Exploring Visual Effects in Web Design
    ■ Decoding Graphic Design for the Web
    ■ Delving into Multimedia in Web Design
    ■ Unraveling CSS
    ■ Understanding JavaScript in Web Design

    ■ Introduction to WordPress E-Commerce Solutions
    ■ Installing a WordPress Theme: Step-by-Step Guide
    ■ Installing E-Commerce Plugins for Enhanced Functionality
    ■ Setting Up and Configuring the WooCommerce Plugin
    ■ Adding Products to Your Website Inventory
    ■ Simplifying Payment Gateway Setup
    ■ Organizing Product Categories and Pages
    ■ Establishing a General Store Framework
    ■ Customizing Themes for Unique Design
    ■ Managing Shipping Logistics Effectively
    ■ Optimizing Order Management Processes

    ■ WhatsApp Marketing Approaches
    ■ Features of WhatsApp Business Accounts
    ■ Establishing Your Business Profile on WhatsApp
    ■ Automated Messaging
    ■ Embedding the WhatsApp Icon on Your WordPress Website
    ■ Enabling One-Click Chat
    ■ Configuring Your Initial Message
    ■ Testing One-Click WhatsApp Integration on Your Website
    ■ Bulk Message Sending Solutions for WhatsApp

    ■ Introduction to Search Engines: Unveiling their Functionality
    ■ The Inner Workings of Search Engine Mechanisms
    ■ Breakdown of Search Engine Components
    ■ Delving into the Google Algorithm: How it Functions
    ■ Panda Algorithm: Analysis and Effects
    ■ Penguin Algorithm: Impact and Insights
    ■ Hummingbird Algorithm: Exploring its Role
    ■ Pigeon Algorithm: Features and Functions Explored
    ■ Keeping Up-to-Date: Latest Google Updates
    BERT, Rank Brain, EAT: Recent Developments Explored

    ■ Understanding AI's Role in SEO
    ■ Essentials of AI Technology
    ■ AI-Enhanced Search Engine Algorithms
    ■ Utilizing Natural Language Processing (NLP) for SEO
    ■ Integration of AI Tools in SEO Strategies
    ■ Harnessing Predictive Analytics in SEO
    ■ Customization and User Intent in SEO
    ■ Ethical Considerations and Guidelines
    ■ Application through Case Studies
    ■ Exploring Future Trends in AI-Driven SEO

    ■ What Exactly is Local SEO?
    ■ Why Local SEO Submission Matters
    ■ Completing Your Profile on Google My Business: Its Significance
    ■ Understanding Local SEO Ranking Signals
    ■ Identifying Negative Signals in Local SEO
    ■ Utilizing Citations and Local Submissions

    ■ What Google Search Console Offers: An Overview
    ■ Validating Your Property on Google Search Console
    ■ Assessing Website Performance on Search Engine Result Pages (SERP)
    ■ Examining URLs with Google Search Console's Inspection Tool
    ■ Administering Sitemaps through Google Search Console
    ■ Crafting an Effective Removal Strategy for SEO
    ■ Analyzing Website Page Experience with Google Search Console
    ■ Enhancing Website Speed: A Guide
    ■ Improving Mobile Usability for SEO
    ■ Managing Property Access within Google Search Console

    ■ Next-Gen Analytics: Google Analytics (GA4) Overview
    ■ Setting Up Your Analytics Property in GA4
    ■ Event Management with GA4 Analytics
    ■ Conversion Tracking in GA4
    ■ Account and User Administration
    ■ Exploring Reports and Analytics Features in GA4
    ■ Leveraging Analytics Intelligence
    ■ Tracking Advertising Performance
    ■ Audience Engagement and User Tracking in GA4
    ■ Importing Data into GA4
    ■ Real-Time Analytics with Google Analytics (GA4)

    ■ The Benefits of Utilizing a Remarketing Strategy
    ■ Manual Remarketing versus Dynamic Remarketing Comparison
    ■ How to Create a Remarketing List?
    ■ Step-by-Step Guide to Executing a Remarketing Campaign
    ■ Analyzing the Results of Your Remarketing Campaign
    ■ Setting Up Remarketing Tracking
    ■ Configuring Google Ads for Remarketing
    ■ Setting Up LinkedIn Ads for Remarketing
    ■ Implementing Remarketing on Facebook
    ■ Setting Up Remarketing on Twitter
    ■ Establishing Remarketing on Quora

    ■ Introduction to Google Shopping Campaigns
    ■ Overview of Google Merchant Center
    ■ Establishing Your Store on Google Merchant Center
    ■ Managing Products within GMC
    ■ Business Verification Procedures in GMC
    ■ Connecting Google Ads with GMC
    ■ Crafting Effective Shopping Campaigns
    ■ Strategies for Boosting Product Sales through Campaigns
    ■ Understanding the Mechanics Behind Shopping Campaigns
    ■ Exploring the Advantages of Utilizing Shopping Campaigns
    ■ Implementing Strategies for Running Effective Shopping Campaigns
    ■ Monitoring and Analyzing Shopping Campaign Performance

    ■ Getting Started with Facebook Catalogue Ads
    ■ Establishing Your Facebook Catalogue
    ■ Catalogue Management on Facebook
    ■ Leveraging Facebook Pixel for Catalogue Ads
    ■ Dynamic Ad Creation from Catalogue
    ■ Enhancing Catalogue Ads Performance
    ■ Advanced Tactics for Catalogue Ads
    ■ Managing Scale and Budgets
    ■ Ensuring Compliance and Best Practices
    ■ Practical Application and Case Studies

    ■ Introduction to Email Marketing
    ■ Recognizing the Importance of Email Marketing
    ■ Exploring Popular Email Marketing Tools
    ■ Establishing Email Marketing Objectives
    ■ Introduction to MailChimp and Sendinblue Platforms
    ■ Understanding Pricing Models for MailChimp and Sendinblue
    ■ Setting Up and Configuring Your Email Marketing Accounts
    ■ Crafting Effective Email Marketing Strategies
    ■ Building and Managing Subscriber Lists
    ■ Integrating Forms into Your Website for Subscriber Collection
    ■ Importing Subscribers and Managing Lists
    ■ Exploring Different Email Marketing Campaign Types
    ■ Creating and Executing Email Campaigns
    ■ Understanding the Role and Design of Newsletters
    ■ Designing Compelling Newsletter Content
    ■ Analyzing Campaign Reports and Insights
    ■ Managing RSS Feeds for Email Marketing Integration

    ■ Crafting Your YouTube Channel
    ■ Researching Keywords on YouTube
    ■ Publishing Content on YouTube
    ■ Factors Influencing YouTube Ranking
    ■ Optimizing YouTube Videos
    ■ Strategizing Your YouTube Content
    ■ Mastering YouTube Shorts
    ■ Becoming an Accomplished Vlogger

    ■ Understanding Google AdSense Basics
    ■ Verification of AdSense Property Ownership
    ■ Exploring Different Ad Types
    ■ Maximizing Profitability with AdSense
    ■ Expert Advice for Properly Placing Video, Image, and Text Ads on Your Website
    ■ Overview of Google AdSense Policies
    ■ Assistance with Applying for an AdSense Account
    ■ Managing Ad Controls

    ■ Introduction to Affiliate Marketing
    ■ Applying for Affiliate Marketing Networks
    ■ Understanding How Affiliate Marketing Operates
    ■ Navigating Your Dashboard
    ■ Identifying Profitable Affiliate Niches
    ■ Promoting Affiliate Products Effectively
    ■ Top Affiliate Marketing Networks
    ■ Various Promotion Methods
    ■ Analyzing Affiliate Marketing Reports and ROI
    ■ Exploring Affiliate Marketing Payment Models
    ■ Essential Resources for Affiliate Marketing
    ■ Exploring the Amazon Affiliate Program
    ■ Different Affiliate Programs Available in India

    ■ Introduction to Freelancing
    ■ Understanding the Dynamics of Freelancing
    ■ Acquiring Freelance Projects
    ■ Crafting Effective Client Pitches
    ■ Utilizing Freelance Templates and Proposals
    ■ Establishing Freelance Quotations, Pricing, and Packages
    ■ Navigating Freelance Projects
    ■ Reporting and Recommendations
    ■ Platforms for Freelance Projects
    ■ Transitioning from Freelancer to Agency

    ■ Introduction to Personal Branding
    ■ Creating and Managing Personal (Social) Accounts
    ■ Advantages of Personal Branding
    ■ How Personal Branding Benefits Businesses
    ■ Brand Development
    ■ Crafting Content Strategies for Personal Branding
    ■ The Personal Branding Journey

    ■ Getting Started with Smart Personality Development
    ■ Improving Communication Abilities
    ■ Practicing Corporate Ethics
    ■ Time Management Techniques
    ■ Making Wise Decisions
    ■ Interpreting Body Language

    ■ Exploring Online Reputation Management (ORM)
    ■ Significance and Advantages of ORM
    ■ Approaches to Improving Online Reputation
    ■ Surveillance and Reacting to Online Feedback
    ■ Cultivating a Favorable Online Image
    ■ Managing Adverse Reviews and Critical Events
    ■ Utilizing Social Media for Reputation Enhancement
    ■ Analytical Tools and Methods for ORM
    ■ Fostering Trustworthiness and Reliability Online
    ■ Emerging Patterns in Online Reputation Management

    ■ Introduction to Google Tag Manager
    ■ Installing Tag Manager on Your Website
    ■ Connecting Your Google Analytics Property with Tag Manager
    ■ Adding Different Tags to Your Website Using Tag Manager
    ■ Setting Up Google Ads Conversion Tracking with Tag Manager
    ■ Configuring Facebook Pixel Using Google Tag Manager
    ■ Setting Up LinkedIn Insight Tag Using Google Tag Manager
    ■ Setting Up Event Tracking with Google Tag Manager

    ■ Introduction to Media Planning and Purchasing
    ■ What Types of Media Are There?
    ■ How is Budget Distribution Decided in Media for Businesses?
    ■ What's the 5-Step Method for Planning Your Media Approach?
    ■ Examining a Case Study in Media Planning

    ■ Basic Principles of Growth Hacking
    ■ The Responsibilities of Growth Hackers
    ■ Exploring the Customer Life Cycle
    ■ Techniques for Optimizing Conversions
    ■ Success Stories in Growth Hacking
    ■ Additional Points

    ■ Getting Started with SMS Marketing
    ■ Advantages of Incorporating SMS Marketing
    ■ Tactics for Effective SMS Campaigns
    ■ Compliance and Regulatory Aspects of SMS Marketing
    ■ Creating Compelling SMS Content
    ■ Growing Your SMS Subscriber Base
    ■ Evaluating Performance Metrics in SMS Marketing
    ■ Implementing Personalization Strategies in SMS Campaigns
    ■ Integrating SMS with Various Marketing Channels
    ■ Emerging Trends in SMS Marketing

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